The Coop de Grande :: $1200 4'x4' or $1450 4'x6'

Grande1The Coop de Grande is the work horse of's backyard chicken coops. This 4' by 6' coop is the present home of my 6 hens. And though it's too large for them, I have succeeded in spoiling them from day one. The roost is a full 6 feet in length, but after vying for the window spot at either end of their roost bar, my hens still find roughly 2 emply feet left over. And these girls are "standards," not bantams.

I have delivered many Coop de Grande units across the San Francisco Bay Area and from Carmel Valley to Marin. From the generic to the more extravagant, this coop configuration can accommodate 10 to 12 hens at a 6' length or as few as 4 on a single roost bar in the 4' by 4' configuration. This is possible because the nest box hangs, or cantilevers, off the side, allowing its entire 4' width for roosting space, unlike the Coop de View's more compact design.

The 16" cantilevered nest boxes, along with whatever number of partitions you wish to have, will also provide for your hens laying needs, and with room to spare. You will also find access and maintenance a breeze with the large access door and standard pull out floor, whether you chose the 4', 6' or 8' model. And as with the Coop de View, all roost bars are removable.

Your hens will be happy with the spacious, user friendly design of the Coop de Grande.

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