The Coop de View :: $1050

101 0335The Coop de View is our most popular backyard chicken coop and the first of three my six hens have called home. It has a total floor space of 16 sq. ft. or, 4' by 4' - with 32" by 4' dedicated to the roost area, while the remaining 16" by 4' is devoted to the nest boxes.

As with the larger Coop de Grande, this coop comes standard with the slide out floor for ease of maintenance and cleaning, and all at a comfortable and secure 24" off the finish grade. And though all coops come standard with ample hardware cloth covered vents beneath the eaves, you will have the option of a 1/2" hardware cloth mat stapled securely to the top of the joist for those hot summer nights with a hay or straw covering.

And not only is your access door more than large enough for ease of access and maintenance, you will also find the spacious locking nest box access at a comfortable and secure height. At 4' in length, it is entirely up to you as to the number of partitions or nest boxes you desire.

So why not let them roost with a view, in a cozy and secure fashion.

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