Custom Coops

Along with our more generic backyard chicken coops, has also built several custom coops for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result of their size, some required delivery in sections, or in the case of several, the runs or larger panels were reassembled on site. So take a look at the photos below. Perhaps you'll see plan that lends itself to your needs or desires. Then lets talk.

Coop De View Custom2This Coop de View made its home in the mountains of Aptos. For ease of access and maintenance, we increased the run height to over that of 6', then covered the hardware cloth roof with the same lifetime warranted Suntuf panels used on the coop. A hardware cloth skirt was then installed for peace of mind, as they live on 40 acres teaming with potential predators.

Custom Martinez1This next one, a 6' Coop de View with Cedar shingled roof and battens to match an existing barn, went to a client in Martinez. Coop under panels, as well as opening windows and flower box were all included, all the while sitting on 3' legs over that of the standard 2'. It was then covered with Penofin, a top of the line wood preservative.

Custom Shake1This 4' by 6' Coop de Grande with Cedar shingled roof and battery powered hen door via a light sensor. These Oakland hens need not wait to be let out, then up and safely roosting as it closes each night. No more of that, "oh my, did I close the hen door….

101 0026The next example also was built for a client in the Oakland hills. The coop was a modified Coop de View that was adjoined from outside the run to a 10' square by 8' high pen. Notice the tree growing out of the roof. We decided to include it rather than build around it, or for that matter, to have it removed. It's frame and roof was constructed entirely redwood overlaid with 1/2" hardware cloth. A 16" hardware cloth skirt was installed at a depth of around 2" below the finish grade, as my client lived in a veritable forest where all manner of vermin roamed. It was absolutely critter proof upon completion. I had more fun building this challenging run than any other.

Sdc11055The next coop I decided to build for extravagant fun. With a frame of redwood, it was covered in cedar lap siding. The large triangular door at the front provided the entrance to the run area. For access to the coop and nest box, one would use the smaller door at the back. This coop also had a slide out floor, not unlike our Coop de View and Grande, and the hen door was similar to those two coops, though they slid vertically via a cable on the outside rather than horizontally. Venting was provided at the front above the hen door and also at the back via the removable siding panel above the access door.

101 0103This coop found a home in Vacaville on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area. When this client called and proposed her idea, a veritable menagerie of not only birds, but bunny's too, I paused. She wanted a home for 5 hens, 4 Bob Tail Whites, and 4 rabbits, and in so far as the rabbits. So she came out to the house, looked at the coops and then some days later sent me a diagram on the coop/hutch she envisioned. Thao had landed on a modified, if not extravagant Coop de Glide. So after weeks of discussion and a volley of emails we settled on this. It is essentially a Coop de Glide for her hens with a cantilevered nest box, with a rabbit hutch at the other end, of which was covered in Redwood slab with the bark still affixed. The run connecting to two was 14', while the coop and hutch were at both 3.6' in depth. It took two trailers and a truck to transport, not to mention the better part of a day to assemble, but fun challenge none the less.

Pict0002I was particularly pleased with the custom coop I designed and built for my web developer, Alexis Masters. This was our second design, the first having been modeled after a Euro-style coop in YouTube video from a family who builds chicken arks in Northern Wales. The new coop is also a Euro or ark style coop, but it is fashioned from sturdy lap cedar and has a completely predator-safe attached run and a 3' x 12' buried "floor" of 1/2 inch hardware cloth, as well. Alexis says it is built like Fort Knox, but the best part is, her hens really love living there.

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