Happy Coops Extras

Opening Windows 

101 0298Our hens need a safe secure home where they can roost and provide you their harvest. If you do not have the liberty of allowing them to free range as do mine here in Fremont, CA. , they must have a safe and secure environment in which to scratch, roost, bath and rest, not to mention just be who they are -- chickens. Over the years as I have learned from my feathered friends the things that make their existence more pleasurable, and mine as well in caring for them. 

In short, we are talking about a more hen/user friendly existence for us all. Thus, happy, healthy hens make for happy backyard farmers. 

To that end, you might consider our  12" x 12" hinged opening Redwood windows with custom Redwood secure latches. Our 1/8" clear Plexiglas window is then inlaid within the frame and secured. The inside window opening of the coop is overlaid with hardware cloth and trimmed out, as one would trim a picture frame. No wire edges.

So here's to that "Summer Wind" from one end of the roost bar to the other in the heat of the summer months, where unlike you and i, they can't dress down and will find that breeze most alluring. 

  • Per window - $105

Hardware Cloth Skirts

101 0426A galvanized hardware cloth skirt is designed to fool and repel burrowing predators such as raccoons. It is stapled to the bottom plate of the run and under panels, then bent at a 90 degree angle extending out a standard 16" parallel to the existing grade and covered with soil. The predator seeking entry will start digging at the most logical location next to the run. Then working it's way back will finally give up. It works. This will give you much comfort if predators are a concern.

  • Coop de View and Coop de Grande with standard 8' run including under panels - $175 

Slide-Out Vinyl Floors

101 0276Our slide out floor affords you the liberty of an almost trouble-free way of maintaining a clean and desirable abode for your "girls". It's really that simple. Be it the 6' depth of the Coop de Grande, or the 4' Coop de View, it's easy.

But with Vinyl your job is made so much simpler. And why it took me so long to introduce, let alone implement, this tool is beyond me. I absolutely love it. It will not stick, cleans right off, and what's more, grants your hens a happy and healthy existence.

I cut it to exactly the perimeter of the floor, then use the required adhesive. It will not role up on the edges and I go to lengths to remove all bubbles so as to make it like the proverbial dance floor it really is. So why not invite your hens to "cut a rug?"

  • Coop de View and Coop de Grande 4' by 4' - $60 
  • Coop de Grande 4 by 6' - $75

Under Coop Panels

101 0298The underside of my 4 by 6' Coop de Grande is a favorite place for my hens to hang. It provides them shelter from the rain, sun, and for purposes of the occasional dust bath. But here again, it's a learning curve, as I did not include the enclosure of such as I planned and built their last coop n run some 16 months ago. Quite honestly, it took a customer to raise the issue of such a novel idea. And so I have.

And these panels are made of the same Redwood frame, overlaid with the same hardware cloth and installed after the coop is at its home. To move the coop with the panels in place is virtually impossible, as the dollies that are required for the coops transport will only damage them. But if you don't require delivery, the panels will be easy to install.

Enclosing the underside of your coop not only provides your "girls" with an additional 4' of run and scratch space, but as well cover from the elements, be it a hot summer day, or cold and rainy.

So consider the alternative as they huddle beneath their abode.

  • Coop de View and 4' by 4' Coops de Grande coop under panels - $170
  • Coop de Grande 4' by 6' coop under panels - $190

This one "takes the cake" ...

This additional feature is perhaps the last thing I would add to my coop…..but alas, here again, a customer asked for it, so I was more than happy to provide her with her wishes.

It's a slide out hardware cloth floor. And not only that, she asked for a slide out linoleum hardwood floor atop that. She was essentially looking for the best of all worlds.

It required me raising the perimeter floor so as to accommodate the thickness of the 2 slide out floors. The hardware cloth covered floor was at 1 and 1/4" thick with bracing throughout, so as to accommodate the constant motion as well the staples adhering the hardware cloth to the frame.

So here is a 4' by 6' Coop de Grande with 2 slide out floors, $180 additonal. Can we think of it, possibly, as the ultimate in hen care -- and convenience?

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