Dru's Links To Backyard Chicken Resources

These links are resources I've found especially helpful in my pursuit of building better coops as well as hellpful in raising my 5 red star pullets:

Two wonderful resources for "new" chicken owners and experienced hands alike:

Cynthia Sandberg of Love Apple Farm really knows her "girls", holding two classes at her farm per year on chicken raising. As well, it should be just this side of illegal to possess the knowledge she does in farming and backyard gardening. So fasten your seat belt should you decide to peruse her web site, cause you're in for a ride.

Billy's Coops: For those of you down in the southland, I've got a good friend who will satisfy all your coop needs with craftsmanship and an attention to detail. You will find Billy Glass frequently posting in the farm and garden section of the Bakersfield Craigslist. He also delivers to the LA area, as well up north along the Highway 99 corridor.

The Best Invention Since The Chicken Coop!

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