The Runs :: $550 :: $675

RunsAll of our runs are made entirely of a true 2" by 2" Redwood frame, as I'm able to do so thanks to a private wood supplier who cuts all our material. *Our stock is not the industry standard of 1 and 1/2".* This frame is then overlaid with a stout vermin proof 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth. The cloth is then adhered to the frame with 1" staples at no more than 4" on center. The hardware cloth access door with heavy duty hinges and barrel lock is then put in place. Each corner (both top and bottom) is then strengthened with lateral 2 by 2" bracing. I also use nothing but galvanized screws and nails giving you confidence of a long lasting product through the years and all elements.

The size of your run is entirely left up to you, though Happy Coops standard backyard chicken runs are customarily the same width as the coop, be it 4 or 6', as in the case of either the Coop de Grande or Coop de View. As well, the average run is 8' in length and stands at 51" in height, granting you plenty of room to navigate your hens needs. A roost bar or two is standard, too.

And of course custom runs of any size or configuration are encouraged, as we have built many around the SF Bay Area and beyond. So please let us know.

You will enjoy your chicken raising experience knowing your hens are safe and secure, just as I have enjoyed with mine.


Rectangular 4' by 8' --- $550

Rectangular 6' by 8' --- $675

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